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In the past few years my contacts with the far-flung members of my family and old friends have multiplied rapidly, thanks largely to a class reunion, a family reunion, Facebook, and the internet in general. A map would show dots all over the world: Australia, Indonesia, France; Charleston, South Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia; Casper, Wyoming; Bellingham, Yakima, and White Salmon, Washington; Los Angeles, Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay Area, and undoubtedly more I'm not aware of. I have 20 first cousins, and nearly all of them have children and most have grandchildren, which makes it hard to keep track of them all. My own dot is in the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area, between the officially Wild & Scenic Klickitat River and the officially Wild & Scenic White Salmon River, and between Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams. I've lived in this beautiful part of the country since 1989, although now that I have grandchildren in L.A., I'm torn between staying in this area, which I love, and moving back to California to be closer to my son, daughter, and grandkids.

The catalyst for which this page began was to put up the pictures I took on a trip to Bali in 2009 to my brother Frank’s lovely home and other parts of that magical island. My friend Bob Abrahams came with me, and has generously done the design and formatting of these pages. I'm leaving the links to these pictures here as well as stories about the area, which was once the playground of movie stars, European royalty, and that set. Frank is an adventurer at heart and has many exploits to his credit, including climbs of Mt. Everest and many other mountains, and being in the party that first explored the interior jungles of Borneo and lived to tell the tale. Click here for more about Frank and how we happen to be related.

Another reason for these pages was to assemble a family history. In particular, my father and his older brother had some interesting and exciting tales to tell about their adventures with the U.S. Army Air Corps in the South Pacific, where they were sent a few weeks after Pearl Harbor. These can be found on the tabs here:

Graf Connection

I retired in 2010, most recently from doing medical transcription, earlier owning a word processing service in L.A., and for a few years acting as a production assistant on The Young and the Restless, a television daytime soap opera. The kind of work I enjoy most is editing, and I plan to continue to do a bit of it on a free-lance basis. (Click here for Editing services.) The link below lists some of the most common errors I see in otherwise good writing, including best-sellers.

Saying it Well

Also, check out some of the links below. (Click on the photo for each link.)

Wantilan House Pictures (on of family, friends, and more, featuring my July, 2009 trip to Bali. Bali Hyatt 2008 article about the goings-on in the Sanur section of Bali, leading up to the development of Batujimbar.
Carved Frog A web site created several years ago about what was then the Wantilan property. Many changes have occurred since this site was made, including the addition of adjacent property. Frank in 1983 Frank's adventure to unexplored jungle in Borneo, 1983.
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